Lose weight while you sleep.

Jul 15th, 2013

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Lose weight while you sleep.

Have you ever heard that if you get more sleep, you can lose weight?  Well it is true, IF you are not getting enough sleep currently.  So how does sleep deprivation actually make you fat?  There are two hormones that play a key role in regulating your hunger, ghrelin and leptin (Leptin again playing a role in your fat loss).  Ghrelin is the “go” or “eat” hormone in your body; it sends the signal out that we are hungry.  When you are running low on sleep your body produces more ghrelin, which in turn cause you to eat more and make poor food choices.    The other hormone, Leptin, signals your brain to stop eating.  Leptin levels are low when you do not get enough or quality rest.

How do we fix these issues?

For one let’s try to get more sleep, studies have shown that a person that gets between 6.5-7.5 hours of sleep tends to produce the proper amount of ghrelin (eat) and leptin (stop eating) hormones.

Look at the quality of your sleep.  Are you getting plenty of sleep but waking up with body aches, or not rested.  Look into purchasing a new mattress or adding a memory foam mattress topper.
Avoid caffeine in the afternoon portion of your day, if it is a must to drink some coffee go with decaf after 2 pm.
Exercise can help in getting a better nights sleep.  It does not matter when you exercise, but it is not ideal to exercise right before bed.

Do Not eat right before bed.  Your body will still be working to digest the meal you just had, instead of doing its nightly maintenance on your body. Try eating at least 90 minutes before bed.
So, it is possible that the reason you are not losing those few extra pounds is because you are not getting enough sleep.  So let’s get a few more hours of shut-eye and watch the pounds come off.

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