Success Stories


“I tried many different weight lost programs and diets, I would lose weight and then regain it all back plus some. Chris gave me all the tools to become successful in losing the weight and keeping the weight off. I have currently lost 35 pounds and I am off most of my medications because of the lifestyle change Chris has helped me to reach.” – Cynthia Dixson



“I have found that working with Chris has made working out fun and i want to come to the gym everyday.  I have gotten stronger in all my lifts, and have lost approximately 15 pounds.” -Terell McNeal 



“Thanks for all you did with Kolby..He will definetly be at the new place after football season. All the coaches noticed and he is so explosive now!” -Shana Watts 



“Thanks to CoreFit, I am stronger, healthier, & faster! 4 months ago, I would have not been able to carry this! Hard work does pay off!” -Billly Byrd 



“I have not done any shopping, but it sure does fell good to be able to put on clothes that i haven’t been able to fit in 3 years.” -Cormeshia Carson Batty